Virtualization for home use

I have three kids all actively on-line. They use our home computers for school work, for game playing and for whatever experimenting they want to do. I want to see virtualization in the home – i spend a lot of time acting as IT manager and a lot of that time is spent building and rebuilding environments. We’ve reinstalled Windows 7 at least 10 times and are often having problems maintaining all the applications the kids want on one system. We share files so this is an ideal application for virtualization.

Nobody seems to be focusing on the home market — you can get free virtualization for Windows and Apple but no one seems to be creating all-in-one packaging for home use. It’s a large market and perhaps when combined with various cloud-like services for backup and templating, it could be a real winner.

In fact, a lot of companies could find opportunities for their products in the home. I realize this type of retail is hard to reach commercially but the volume potential is huge. Why is the home the last place companies look to.

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