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I took a flyer a few days ago and included a google ad box on I have hesitated to do this since first creating the site, feeling it should be left pure. Whatever that means. Given my level of site traffic has been going up over the last many months, i figured I should jump on the bandwagon.

First of all, it was too easy to do. I spent about 3 minutes on the google site creating the Ad segment and added the code segment to my site. I initially put it at the bottom wanting to ‘hide’ it from view. But of course, that’s not going to get any clicks. I then re-arranged a few items and moved my Governance survey up and put the Ad beside it so both are more prominent.

I checked and now find myself $3 in the positive! One really pricey click from Friday. No new survey responses though.

I’ll monitor site traffic and see if it changes the level of activity — either way.

Google Ads — !

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