PlateSpin Reunion

We’re finally having a PS reunion — same venue as some of our original events, my backyard with BBQ going. It’s been a challenge to spread the word — no single email list available, just word of mouth, Facebook, LinkedIn and carrier pigeons.

I was recently reading an announcement from Attachmate — the new owner of PlateSpin. I was warmed by the continued emphasis on the future of the PS products. I was particularly amused to see announced support for Novell platforms, something we tried to make happen prior to acquisition (twice), during acquisition, but customers had to wait for re-acquisition for it to actually happen. Not sure where the needs communication broke down, but it was not viewed as exciting to support legacy platforms i suppose. Nonetheless, good to see the vision continuing and the quality of products (and Brand) strong enough to sustain two acquisitions.

I’m hoping for a big group although not sure how much food to buy. Sometimes these types of events are a bust, other times a great affair. Fulcrum has had some great reunions over the years, this would be our first one. I’m hoping some current Attachmate employees show up, not just those who left PlateSpin or Novell along the way — again, how to get the word out, not an easy task. Facebook was useful to gather about 50 names in one place, Linkedin had some, but that’s it. Of course if 200 people show up, my yard will be full and the burgers will be done long before Mike shows up. Unfortunately no Martini babe.

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  1. Jason Dea says:

    I’m glad you saw my press release 😉 The good news is there is a universal recognition of the PlateSpin brand value. The question is, what we build it into in the future.

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