Getting Hacked

I took a day off from my holiday this week to do some work and discovered that had been politely hacked. By polite I mean a one-line message replaced the Blog site ( — a WordPress site) saying it had been proudly hacked. I don’t know how long the site was like that, but hopefully no readers noticed (but this would mean no one read anything over the last few weeks).

I also found about 50 new accounts were created on the forum site ( which included a large set of spam posts. It took me some valuable vacation minutes to clean that up.

The joy of open source I suppose — all the idiots from far away places who get jollies from wasting everyone’s time. If they could focus their on-line energies on doing something good for the world instead of interfering with sites like, we might have less hot spots in the world. What will the world be like for the next generation where cyber crime is as common as petty theft — oh yes, I should mention my son had his wallet stolen at Canada’s Wonderland (he thought it might be secret enough if he stored it in his shoe while attending a ride at the water park) – not!

Back to vacation for now– hopefully this does not happen again.

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