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The Folly of Advisors

Many young companies list a variety of industry known experts as part of their ‘advisory’ team. What that is supposed to mean is the management team (or perhaps just the CEO) is regularly receiving vital input from the advisors about … Continue reading

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Keeping You Head Down

One of the traps I find many leaders face relates to their approach to decision making in light of upcoming changes to their business, changes that are often out of their control. One common example can be drawn from the … Continue reading

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Run Your Own SAS Model

I have increasingly fallen in favor of companies exploring entering the SAS market — i don’t mean just selling their solutions to ISPs/SAS, etc but becoming a SAS vendor themselves. Many products in the systems management arena lend themselves well … Continue reading

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Workload Portability – is it the Backbone of The Cloud?

For those who know the history of PlateSpin, the term Workload Portability is synonymous with much of its product strategy. An idea that surfaced almost 10 years ago, came to fruition in the height of PlateSpin’s success, is enjoying a renaissance at … Continue reading

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Two People or Three

I find critical meetings always need more than two people participating to get the result — the role of the 3rd person is several fold: 1. Observe whether communication is occurring. How many times have you been in a meeting … Continue reading

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Parents and Facebook

It seems like the world is documenting itself via Facebook — at least the world under 25 or so. Between Facebook and Twitter, everyone is living in or watching a reality show. How do us parents connect in to be … Continue reading

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Focusing on year end

I often see teams focusing diligently on year end with such zeal it makes me wonder why they do not have that same zeal throughout the year.  Funny thing about time, it marches at the same pace throughout the year, … Continue reading

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Creating your own S&P Index to measure weight of sales forecast

I have seen many sales teams struggle regularly to come up with succinct ways to determine if the typical forecast report is a reliable way to measure the likelihood of achieving short term revenue targets. It takes oodles of time … Continue reading

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Virtualization for home use

I have three kids all actively on-line. They use our home computers for school work, for game playing and for whatever experimenting they want to do. I want to see virtualization in the home – i spend a lot of … Continue reading

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Being successful in virtualization

I received a call today from someone looking for a CEO to help start a new company to enter the virtualization market — it reminded me (again) of how challenging this market space is. There are well over 250 companies … Continue reading

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