It’s been about 45 days …

InsideSpin and Brightlights are running a series of seminars over the next few months — we started promotion today and voila, i have a handful of new InsideSpin members. I’ve been very heads down with my e-learning activity, i forgot to tend to InsideSpin. I received one of the most useful pieces of feedback about the site today as well — change the color of the main text to Black from gray — i guess gray does not always show up on all types of monitors. I changed a few colors to hopefully make the site more festive. Unfortunately the person who left the feedback did not leave any contact details, so hopefully they come back some day.

Getting involved in a start up venture is all that I remember it to be. Not enough people to do what needs to be done, find funding, having to explain a lot of why we want to do some things now versus wait until later, find funding, institute some best practices about how we all work together so we can grow together, find funding and more (major challenge hint!). So many people with good ideas, so few people who know how to turn them into successful business ventures. So many obstacles created to prevent success from occurring, it’s a wonder a company like Apple ever came to survive.

Did you see the recent coverage of a company trying to re-invent the digital camera? Their device can correct for out of focus pictures afterwards, dramatically changing how people might approach taking pictures. Effectively makes everyone a top photographer — they should be a billion dollar company in a few years if they manage their path to market well, they also have to be careful how they explain what the magic process is as photo’s that undergo changes after-the-fact tend not to be appreciated in legal scenarios. Is it a touch up that shows the bad guy or was he there all along and just needed to be in focus. Anyway, it’s cool to see someone attempt to re-invent a mouse trap — imagine how many licenses they can sell if every phone camera wanted to have their technology?

I’m hoping our e-learning initiative can be that as well — i’m doing more than hoping of course, i’m reading InsideSpin diligently to make sure I follow that’s guys writing, he sounds like he knows what he is doing (or did when he was younger).

Still looking for our first sales guy!


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