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It’s hard to be a regular publisher/blogger — i’ve never been a fan of idle chat so have a hard time blogging just to be seen as a regular blogger — i like to see the hits i get, good for my ego, but I loath ever becoming the person who just writes something so that there is something written. Wait, is this what I am doing now? I’m so confused!

I found myself visiting a VC earlier this month as part of my efforts to help start an e-learning initiative — something I am becoming more passionateĀ about. I was quickly reminded of how challenging it is to find a VC that does not come from the old school — one who sees past the financials who can add value to a new business. They are very hard to come by — perhaps so much so, it really begs for a general shutdown of the current investment industry in favor of new models that now how to build businesses. The situation in Canada seems to be almostĀ desperateĀ — entrepreneurs with great business ideas (not all of them) but few places to turn to realize their potential. For my e-learning initiative, i still want someone who can contribute to the growth of the business, not just provide money — even though i have lots of experience I still need to count on people with knowledge around me in order to make things happen.

Keep publishing, hopefully the audience will grow and the messages will get out.

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