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Can you squeeze more value

from your available cash?


A reminder for a free one hour interactive Teleforum on

Tuesday, May 10 at 11 am (Eastern)


Early and mid-staged technology firms, by their nature, are cash constrained.  They struggle with: growth; long sales cycles; uneven trajectory around product development; infrastructure costs; marketing programs and personnel issues...among others.
We'll discuss issues such as:
  • Understanding the true cost of delivering your service or product
  • Where are the big savings opportunities in your operations
  • What are the costs and implications of using outsourced services
  • How can you optimize your operations and profitability around the SaaS model
  • Ways of keeping professional services in check.
  • How to explore reallocating expenses to focus on areas of higher growth?
  • Are you managing DSO properly - are their other financial optimizations you can use to save cash?


In this one hour free interactive Teleforum  we'll answer these questions, respond to your specific issues, and come up with clear and concise ways to squeeze the most value out of every dollar you have available.


 Stephen Pollack

Steve Pollack

Stephen Pollack is a serial entrepreneur and technology specialist now working with companies in a variety of Board, Advisory and Consultancy roles. He focuses on young technology companies seeking excellence.  He focuses on organizations where the leadership team desires innovation and wants to further their understanding of proven ways to rapidly grow their business.

Stephen was most recently founder and CEO of PlateSpin Ltd, which he and his team grew from startup to over $25M in global revenue over five years prior to a strategic acquisition by Novell for $205M in March, 2008. During that period Stephen and his team won numerous awards for fast growth, global market leadership and business excellence. Stephen was also one of three finalists in 2008 for the E&Y Entrepreneur of the Year award.  Steve is the founder of InsideSpin, a resource for technology companies to be great.


Phil Neukom 

Philip Neukom 


Philip is the Managing Director of Profit Analytics. He has been doing operational turnarounds and restructuring of tech and manufacturing companies for over 20 years. He was also a venture capital investor and board member of portfolio companies while at First Ontario Fund.

Philip's expertise lies in advising and leading companies to significantly improve operational performance while managing and reducing costs.


 Mike natural picture

Mike Fox

Mike is the Managing Director of Brightlights and has been recruiting senior people for small and mid-sized technology firms for over 20 years.  He has a deep understanding of what drives these businesses success when it comes to finding

great contributors.  His knowledge of the attributes of the right type of person for entrepreneurial organizations, his deep connections in the industry, his experience on ways to improve the recruiting process and his wealth of knowledge around industry best practices ensure a unique and value-added interaction. 

Mike has spoken publicly at a number of Conferences and has run Teleforum information sessions with CWTA and CATA in the past.  Mike interviews 300+ individuals each and every year and is passionate about helping people and companies be as good as they can be.