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I was told I have to Blog more — i’m not sure if that is an indication someone feels I have more wisdom to share or my small readership has more time to spare. Anyway, I find blogging a hard concept to manage — most of the blogs I read are filled with filler, people trying to keep up the rhythm of their blogging schedule, versus trying to keep up with interesting topics. There isn’t stuff, inspiring stuff, to write about each day, each week, sometimes each month, unless you want to cover all possible genres including politics, sci-fi, latest movies, technical innovations (i mean technical announcements, etc). Does the world need more people having an opinion on everything?

My last blog topic was about my middle son who got his first app approved last week into the iPhone app store. ¬†He has since sold 6 copies in the US and UK and has also uploaded his first version update — 1.1. I told him how important it was to get past 1.0, but also to make sure he had some ammunition held back in the release bucket to satisfy a hopefully growing user population. He has more enhancement ideas past those in 1.1 (which were high scores ( and some sound effects, which he created himself). More lessons planned on product management lifecycle — another case study under development.

From an entrepreneur/innovation perspective, I was reminded again through my son’s actions why the entrepreneur stands out — it is largely their desire to take the risk, time and put forth the energy to realize their ideas all the way through to the end. The rest of the folks in the world can’t overcome what Paulo Coelho¬†outlines in The Alchemist — being raised to think everything is impossible. I wonder what our world would be like if fewer people were raised with such inhibitions.

Anyway, i’ll work harder to come up with more blogging topics and hopefully those of you reading these can leave me some comments I can use to help direct what i should focus on as time progresses — i’m not getting any younger.

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