PlateSpin Changes Hands Again

It’s hard not to comment on what has happened this week to the PlateSpin assets.  As Novell completes its transformation through the sale process to Attachmate, i can’t help but wonder if Novell is analyzing what went wrong. Why couldn’t it become more relevant in today’s market place, why, with all the money in the bank, was it able to make quality acquisitions but not turn them into something that transformed the company into a happening place. Recruiters don’t even want to try to poach senior management as they feel Novell is not current anymore, so the likelihood is neither are the management team.

It was satisfying to see PlateSpin have such prominence in much of the coverage of Novell’s sale. Will Microsoft want to take advantage of our vision, will Attachmate through its NetIQ business? Who knows. To the extent Attachmate knows and understands what it has bought, it should at least give a good run at making it all relevant again.

Best of luck to PowerConvert, PowerRecon and Forge — along with all the great technology added to it by the PlateSpin-Novell team — it’s fun to see it all still be relevant.

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