Parents and Facebook

It seems like the world is documenting itself via Facebook — at least the world under 25 or so. Between Facebook and Twitter, everyone is living in or watching a reality show. How do us parents connect in to be part of the reality show?

It seems like our kids don’t really want to accept us as Friends (even though we all desperately want to be their friends more than their parents). Perhaps Facebook can add a new attribute to a Friend denoting the parental relationship. This way they can block certain posts from parental viewing while still allowing others. Us parents have to be aware of the privilege this would provide and not feel inclined to make silly parental comments each time our kids post something counter to our wishes — maybe parents can only view and not post.

Anyway, it’s time for the social network wizards to accommodate the older generation — surely they owe us this for bringing the younger generation into the world?

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